Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Who the Hell am I?

Clearly it has been a hot minute since I last posted on this precious little blog of mine.  I am the world's most impatient person, and since there weren't like 10,000 people following me after 3 days, I decided to give up.  Needless to say, I have rethought my position on that, so lo and behold…I'M BACK!  I finally realized that my blog rants are a cheap form of therapy for myself.  I also hope to make people laugh, inform people, and perhaps even have some positive effect on someone.

The last time I posted on here was sometime in May.  I have become even more neurotic during my absence.   Having a child changed my life drastically.  I know that everyone says that it changes you, but I think it made me a completely different person.  It has changed me in many ways. In some ways that are wonderful, and some ways that are beneficial to my daughter, but super annoying to everyone else on the planet (including her father).  Having a child forced me to really open my eyes to the world around me, and it has admittedly made me more of a "doom and gloom" type of person than I was before.  Ignorance really is bliss, and if my daughter was taken out of the equation, I would have chosen to stay that way.

Obviously I won't be posting a 45 page essay on all I have learned and would like to share today, even though I know you are DYING to know.  One day at a time folks, one day at a time.  I just wanted the 3 people who follow this blog (if they even still do), to be aware of my return, and that this time, I am more committed to posting.  If not for your sake, than for mine.

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