Friday, August 10, 2012

On This Last Day of My 26th Year: Part 1

Tomorrow is my 27th birthday.  When I was 17, I couldn't even imagine what my life would look like at 27, much less think it was actual possible to get that "old".  In some ways I admittedly feel "old", and in other ways not really.  Most people wouldn't consider 27 to be a "milestone" birthday, and for most it rarely is, but my 26th year was so life altering that I suppose one would say my 27th is indeed a "milestone".
Before you rush to bathroom to vomit, this isn't some weepy story about Rebel, and how it feels to be a mother, etc.  Obviously, having a child is life changing.  It also is the greatest love you could ever feel for someone, but I'm pretty sure most people that have children already know that, and those that don't can imagine, or don't want to imagine.  HOWEVER, just in case you forgot how adorable my aptly named Rebel is, there is a reminder to your left.

While becoming a mother was indeed the catalyst for my life altering 26th year, I really have to credit Mr. Rick Santorum for opening my eyes, and altering my views on nearly everything. WAIT…PLEASE DON'T STOP READING. I'm not going to be preaching party politics, I promise.  I have come to the conclusion that there is an actual yet to be discovered gene, in which all politicians are born with, Democratic and Republican alike, that makes them conniving, lying, immoral thieves.  Or perhaps all people born with this gene, know that politics is the way to go when you have a desire to be a horrible human being, all while you smile and kiss babies for the camera.  Either way, on that front, I think electing "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" to run the country would be equally as effective as our current choices.

Moving on. I'm fairly sure that my days as an actress, (auditioner) are in the past.  Kissing people's asses never has been a strong suit of mine, nor has anorexia or bulimia for that matter.  Contrary to belief, it is actually fairly easy to make it in Hollywood. However, selling your soul to the proverbial "devil", really is the only way.  When I speak of "selling your soul", that means many things in which you probably don't care about, or won't really understand unless you experience it.  So I think I shall leave it at that.  The whole point of bringing up my "retirement" from being an auditioner, was so that I could speak of my new career.  It actually isn't a career at this point, and I will probably never get paid for it, but you could say that perhaps I have found my "calling".  And that is where Rick Santorum comes in. AGAIN, HE IS ONLY IN THE FIRST FEW SENTENCES…NO PARTY POLITICS. I SWEAR.

When my little five pounder came into this world, unlike most other mothers, I had TONS of free time on my hands.  Of course, whatever I did in my free time, must be something I could do with an infant that I never put down.  Not even to sleep for the first 4 months of her life.  So as you can imagine, I watched a lot of TV, and surfed countless hours on the internet, and read many books.  I didn't bathe, or do laundry, or anything that I'm sure the rest of you non-heathens did in your early days of motherhood.  I took care of my daughter, AND I developed an obsession.  One that I spent hours upon hours, and days upon days, researching and staring at the computer in disbelief.  And here is Rick and the big, but super short role he had to play in all of this.  One day in early January, I was flipping through the channels, and I still can't figure out to this day why in hell I would stop on coverage of the GOP candidate race, but for some reason I did.  I admittedly voted a straight Republican ticket the first year I was eligible to vote, and last election I didn't vote at all.  I really didn't care.  Just like I have no clue why I voted Republican in the first election.  Someone probably told me to.  Anyway, Rick was speaking, and it caught my attention.  I'm not going to bore you with the details of it all, but everything he was saying sounded particularly appalling to me,  so I started researching him,  then that led to many other things that have absolutely nothing to do with him or with politics.  All of which led to my life altering year, my new "calling", and my mission to at least make people aware of things happening all around us that have severe implications for us concerning health and otherwise, and dire implications for our children.

I AM NOT INSANE.  I feel like I have to say that, because if I was whoever is actually reading this right now, I would think I was totally insane.  Everything I have to say over the course of the next several posts, is well documented and searchable by everyone.  Ok…I really am starting to sound insane.  It is in the interest of everyone that is HUMAN and living on this planet, particularly in our country, to at least be informed about our surroundings and everything that comprises them.  It is particularly dire to be aware if you have children.  And EVEN more important if you have young children, pregnant, or planning to have children.  The world isn't ending tomorrow, so please don't think I'm sitting in my apartment with a glass of Kool-Aid, wearing my black Nike's.  I am going to break this down for you, for those of you with time constraints, and for those of you who want to stop reading and alert the nut house.

For now, all I want you to do is type something into Google images. Type in "kids born in 2012 agent orange".

More to follow.

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