Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Mommy Wars? Uhhh…I Guess

The Mommy Wars?

I am so sick of hearing about the so-called "Mommy Wars".  Exactly where ARE all these supposed "battling mothers"?  We aren't part of a play group or anything, so maybe I am missing something here.  Is that what goes on at Sara's second birthday party?  I live in a city where having a baby at 26 is fairly young, so I don't have many friends out here that have children.  We haven't been invited to any birthdays yet, and I have thought about a play group before, but my daughter's definition of "play" is smacking you in the face and trying to scratch your eyes out.  I can't imagine we would last too long in a play group.  Perhaps we would join one when she is a bit older and less violent, but not if it is just a whole bunch of passive aggressive women arguing about who's kid started walking first.  Someone please warn me so I can steer clear.

I don't deny the fact that women can be catty, (to say the least) but I'm now prone to giving mothers a sympathetic look when their child is laying down in the isle of the grocery store kicking and screaming like a little brat.  I thought I was now part of a "club" where we all knew what it felt like to lose sleep, hair, and patience.  As long as you aren't raising Honey Boo Boo II, I consider you to be doing a pretty fine job.

While I have not personally had any of these things said directly to me, I have heard quite a few women telling everyone that "I had my baby naturally", like everyone was supposed to stand up and applaud.  Personally, I could care less how you had your baby.  Guess what, I had mine "naturally" too, and that was because I was given three epidurals that didn't work.  I sure as hell wish I hadn't done it "naturally".  Other than the fact that you were in a massive amount of pain, I hardly believe your experience differs greatly from every other woman who has given birth.  You can choose to have your baby however you want to, but it doesn't mean I want to hear about it.  Most likely no one else does either.

Despite shows such as "Toddlers in Tiaras" showing pathetic mothers spray tanning their three year olds, I think most mothers have their children's best interests in mind.  Let's support all mothers doing their best for their children, in whatever form that may take.  As long as it is not in the form of a reality show.

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